Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: What is the difference between VEHU gateway and traditional vehicle ad portal?
    A: VEHU is the vehicle ad mediation and vehicle ad portal resale channel. VEHU allows users to administrate their vehicle ads in various portals around the world from one gateway The list of portals VEHU is connected can be found here.

  2. Q: Are private users allowed to use VEHU portal to publish ads in various portals around the world?
    A: At this point only business users are allowed to send their vehicle ads to portals VEHU is connected to.

  3. Q: Company has valid contract with vehicle ad portal. If I choose to use VEHU to send ads including to the portal I have already signed a contract with do I need to cancel the contract with vehicle ad portal?
    A: No. You do not need to cancel your valid contracts. It is enough if you registrer a user in VEHU gateway and choose portals you would like to publish your ad in.

  4. Q: Why there are no vehicle ads on the front page nor on the public side of the VEHU gateway?
    A: VEHU is not an ordinary vehicle ad portal. VEHU is oriented to mediate vehicle ads to different portals around the world. Every user can administrate and add vehicle ads from their respective VEHU user account.

  5. Q: What is the main advantage compared to a traditional vehicle ad portals?
    A: The main advantage what distinguishes VEHU from other vehicle ad portals is that VEHU enables users to administer and mediate vehicle ads to numerous portals around the world without the need of logging in or getting familiar with every portal. With a small effort VEHU enables users to gain vast public interest for users vehicle ads.

  6. Q: My company stock of vehicles consists of a variety of different vehicles, personal cars, tractors, road rollers, tractor units etc. My goal is to devide every type of vehicle to different sales channel (portal). Can I choose in VEHU what vehicle will be sent to what portal?
    A: Yes. You can add different types of vehicles. All types VEHU supports are listed here. User can choose what vehicle will be sent to what portal. VEHU allows to manage the maximum ammount of vehicles user can send to a portal. Also to increase the maximum ammount of vehicles.

  7. Q: Company employs several salesmen. Evey one of them has a list of vehicles they are in carge of. Are salesmen able to keep track of their vehicles in VEHU?
    A: Yes. Every user has their respective list of vehicles. Every user can see and administrate all the vehicles listed on the company.

  8. Q: VEHU allows users to mediate vehicle ads into different vehicle ad portals. Does it mean that if I want to add a vehicle to two different portals I need to add vehicle also two times into VEHU, first time to the first portal and second time to the second portal?
    A: No. You need to insert vehicle into VEHU only once. After that you need to choose a portal in which to display the vehicle ad. Example video how to add vehicle into a portals here.

  9. Q: Video tutorial: How to insert vehicle into VEHU and choose portals.
    A: Video answer here.
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